11 thoughts on “A series publication (May-September, 2010) has been released

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu…
    I have compressed and uploaded almost all the files on archive.org. So people can easily listen then online without downloading or download them easily by direct link. Coz I heard from some people facing trouble downloading from file sharing sites. Sometimes files get deleted or other downloading problems. Also people can easily download all the files at once, they don’t need to go to separate links for each file. May be the administrator brother(s) of this site may think about using this page for direct linking and streaming.
    It is the link:
    Insh’Allah I will add new files as soon as they are posted here.

  2. accalamualaikum,
    how are you brother.you are doing such a great thing for islam. we are getting many importent things about islam & shoria by your lecture. you do cd of your lecture thats a great idia but i think if you do vcd of your lecture then it would be very very helpfull for us. if you do vcd we can keep more concentrate & we can brodcust your vedio in many channel & tv
    I hope, you would be able to undurstant what i am tring to say
    if i make any mistake please forgive me
    thank you
    allah hafiz

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