9 thoughts on “Sabe Barat – An Innovation, Superstition And Muslims Responsibility

  1. ‘Bedat’ also in Jahim vai….

    He have start his speech in ‘Madhab:Defination & Necessity’ by a word, there is no two way or two conception in Islam. He also brought his life experience. But whenever he was talking on ‘Rafuleadain’ he goes on two conception.

    Moreover he call sahi sunnah (more than 198 sahi hadith) as mustahab…

    We need to recheck/rethink him….

    • In the name of Allah, the most Gracious , the most Merciful. Salam to the Prophet and His slave Muhammad (SM) .
      My salam to all my brothers and sisters. Dear, we are extremely sorry for being late to upload the khutba.
      U konw that this khutba were delivered in the saturday night and it was need some technical works. Thats why it was too late to upload. But we admit that it is our failure. Pls dont be pessimist and be stay with us always. Insaallah , in future U will get more important khutbas. May Allah help us and run in siratul mustakim. Amin.

      • I think you did a mistake on the Second Line “Salam to the Prophet and His slave…” Who is prophet & who is his slave???

        For this Khutba I was challenging many of my office staffs on about the Bid’a. Fortunately an article came from “www.quraner-alo.com” on the same topic & I was proved right on the challenge which I threw to all.

        Thanks to “www.quraner-alo.com” article

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