Jihad is Compulsory Fard On Every Muslims At Present.

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8 thoughts on “Jihad is Compulsory Fard On Every Muslims At Present.

  1. Rahmani brother words are some time self contradictory.

    He have start his speech in ‘Madhab:Defination & Necessity’ by a word, there is no two way or two conception in Islam. He also brought his life experience. But whenever he was talking on ‘Rafuleadain’ he goes on two conception.

    Moreover he call sahi sunnah (more than 198 sahi hadith) as mustahab…

    We need to recheck/rethink him….

  2. Working for re-establish Caliphate (Khilafah) is an obligation (Fard-e-ain), Same time, Arms Struggle for liberate our land from Disbeliever (kuffar) also another obligation (fard-e-ain).
    But, we have to know- there are two types of Jihad (Qatal)- Offensive Jihad, Defensive Jihad(Afganistan,Pakistan,Palestine….).
    Today, defensive running. Offensive starts by the authorized leader of (Ummah) Muslim Nation (Amir-ul-Muminoon/ Khalifa/ Imam) under the truly guided second Caliphate (khilafah-ala-minhajun-nabuah).
    So, dear brother in ISLAM; try to realize! its not the high time for debates.
    to follow the methodology of prophet hood, is obligation for Every Muslim. We know, we have to revive the ummah by re-establish islami Caliphate (Khilafah). there are no single way to revive the Ummah. Cause, the Defensive Jihad is a cotinuous process. Its not a ultimate solution for Muslim Nation (Ummah).

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